Idea Wall for Open Brainstorming

Do you want to brainstorm with 5 or 500 people?

The Easy Way to Brainstorm Collectively

Idea Wall is a software-as-service for collecting ideas online in a structured way. It’s fast to implement and has a zero learning curve for the participants.

Read what our customers say about the app.


Set up a wall in five minutes and share its URL with the participants. They submit their ideas anonymously on the wall with a few clicks. The ideas become visible at once.


Brainstorm strategies, come up with ideas for a new product, collect feedback… Idea Wall serves many purposes.


Idea Wall is an online tool that runs in a computer or mobile device browser.

When to Use Digital Tools

Sticky notes are great for brainstorming. However, when you are not in the same place physically or you have many teams attending, digital tools work better. Also, if you want to collect instant feedback, do it online.


The Simpler, the Better

People are frustrated with collaborating tools that require signups, logins, passwords, or app installations. The tool should not be hindering or slowing down the brainstorming process. That’s why we developed Idea Wall.

Idea Wall Inspiration

Here are some examples of how our customers have used Idea Wall.

Vision & Strategy

Collect management and employee thoughts and ideas on vision, strategy, and implementation.

Voice of the Customer

Listen to your customers, identify trends, and ask for ideas on new product features.

Business Case

Identify the benefits, requirements, and risks of a suggested investment or initiative.

Risk Management

Identify the risks of a project or a product. Brainstorm ways to mitigate the risks.


Let each team at a workshop have their own Idea Wall for communicating and evaluating ideas.


Audience Engagment

Collect audience questions and feedback during an event. Present the results and discuss them.

Customer Feedback

We’re proud to share these testimonials!

“We experienced this tool first in the processes to develop Innovation and IT strategies for Granlund.

The easiness in both implementation and use of the Idea Wall assured us to choose it also for all our innovation campaigns. After that, the use has spread even wider in areas such as the development of software QA methods and quality and environmental targets.”

Tuomas Laine, Director, Innovation and Development at Granlund Oy

“We have used Idea Wall for almost two years now and been satisfied with both the app and the service the developer has provided. Idea Wall has reduced the need for paper in workshops and eliminated redundant documentation of the results afterward.

Idea Wall is very easy and straightforward to use on different devices and in varying situations. It also offers a chance to familiarize with the workshop content in advance and supplement the material after the event.

We’ve been delighted with the way the developer has responded to our  ideas and how fast they have developed the app to suit our needs better!”

Taru Hanski, Senior Advisor at Sitowise


With Idea Wall, you create and publish Web pages (“walls”) with one or more columns under which participants add ideas. The columns have titles that denote categories. Participants can add ideas, like them, and comment on them.


Unlimited walls and participants

With a site license, a Site Manager can create, share, and manage unlimited walls with unlimited participants.


Anonymous participation

Participants submit ideas on the wall on a form anonymously. The form has a title field, a description field (optional) and a list of categories to choose from. The idea appears immediately in the respective category column after submission.


Likes and comments

Participants see all the submitted ideas and can like and comment them. The Site or Wall Manager can turn these functions on or off.



The Site and Wall Managers can edit, remove, or re-organize ideas of a wall.

Excel export

Save the contents of a wall as an Excel file for further analysis.



You can protect a wall with a password, disable idea submission, or hide a wall altogether.

The Site Manager

The Site Manager manages the app, creates walls, and gives credentials to Wall Managers.

The Wall Manager

Each wall has a separate Wall Manager. He/she can modify and moderate his/her respective wall.


The labels of the user interface elements (titles, buttons) are editable. This way a wall can be in the language of your choice.

Video Guides

How to brainstorm

Share the unique wall URL with the participants and they can start brainstorming on the wall.

How to manage a wall

The Wall Manager can moderate the ideas, change their positions on the wall, and download the wall contents as an Excel file.

How to configure a wall

The Site Administrator and Wall Manager can configure the wall. They can, for example, add columns, change the labels of the interface elements, and hide or publish the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall in this context?

An Idea Wall is a Web page with one or more columns (predefined idea categories) in which the ideas submitted by participants will appear. The ideas are immediately open to see for anyone with the URL of the particular Wall.

How can I protect a wall?

You can set a unique password for each wall. You can also disable the Add Idea button or hide the wall altogether.

Who develops Idea Wall?

A Finnish private company, AE Partners Oy, owns and develops Idea Wall.

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer email support on weekdays.

Can I save the data of our walls?

You can download the data of each of your walls as Excel files.

How do I create new walls?

Monthly and annual subscriptions include an Idea Wall Site. On the site, the Site Manager can create, duplicate, and manage walls.

How do I invite participants?

When you create a new Wall, it gets a unique URL. Send that URL to the participants via email or place a link to it on a Web page. Use an online QR code generator to create a visual link that mobile users can pick up.

Can I moderate a wall?

Every wall has Wall Manager credentials. The manager can edit or remove ideas and re-organize them. We don’t moderate the content.

Is the app multilingual?

The user interface elements (titles, buttons) of each wall are editable to the language of your choice. The manager interfaces are in English.

Does Idea Wall store personal data?

Participants submit their ideas anonymously. The software does not store personal participant data on the server.

Idea Wall version is 2.0 coming soon

We’re now developing version 2.0 of Idea Wall. It is a complete overhaul that makes the app even more powerful without compromising its simplicity.

Join our mailing list and be the first to know when Idea Wall 2.0 is out. You can also become a beta tester and get the app at a discounted price when it is released.

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